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Terms of service

These Terms of Service apply to you at Minether

1. User Account

1.1. Passwords are stored and encrypted in an irreversible format in our database.

1.2. Accounts should never be sold or given out to anyone.

1.3. You are not allowed to use more than one account per IP address.

1.4. You are not allowed to create multiple accounts.

1.5. You are not allowed to login more than one account on the same computer.

1.6. Logging in from proxies or shared network environments is not allowed.

1.7. Your email addresses will not be shown, given or sold.

1.8. Any attempt to manually or automatically reload/view pages intensively will lead to the permanent suspension of your account.

2. Miner Purchase

2.1. All payments are to be made using the links available at "dashboard". No other method of payment will be accepted.

2.2. All purchase is final and non refundable at Minether.

2.3. All mining pack purchase is final

2.4. We accept ETH, BTC, Payeer and Perfectmoney.

3. Referrals

3.1. You are allowed to refer an unlimited number of members

3.2. Every one of your referrals, as users, must have a unique email address and ETH address.

3.3. A referral will never be able to modify the member who referred him/her.

4. Withdrawal

4.1. All withdrawals are processed through the ETH network.

4.2. All withdrawals are sent instantly, if payment fails, members may attempt withdraw at a later time.

4.3. We are not responsible for the ETH neither responsible for the actions by the members or any other third-party after sending the payment.

4.4. Members will pay the ETH network fees at the time of withdrawal.

5. Account suspension

5.1. Any account suspended will receive an email notification.

5.2. We will never suspend an account for no reason. Upon suspension of any account, the owner shall be informed with a reason included.

5.3. We deem the right to judge if a member is practicing illegal activity and we are not limited by the Terms of Service in making decisions.

5.4. Users that have not logged in for more than 60 days will have their accounts temporarily suspended.

5.5. Permanently suspended accounts will have their balances and purchase balances reset as well having all their referrals taken away.

5.6. We will not accept any appeal requests for account suspensions, and email inquiries will not be responded to unless a convincing reason is given.

6. Liability

6.1 We will not be liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to Minether and therefore beyond our control.

6.2. We are not responsible for any tax payment for you on what you receive from us. It's your responsibility to declare what you've received and pay your country's taxes.

6.3. We reserve the right to modify the terms of service at any time without notice.

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